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Network Assessment Specials!

Is your network capable of keeping up with your current growth rate? Do you have trouble on-boarding new users quickly? Do you hear regular complaints from your users about slow network performance, dropped calls, poor user experience in online meetings? If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions its time for a complete top-down audit of your entire network…

Security Patch Management Services

Does your business have a patch management process in place? What would happen if your companies network was compromised? Do you know if your network has been breached? If you can’t answer any of these questions we can help your business.

Wireless Wizards

Is your wifi running slow? Do you think someone might be accessing wifi network? Do you want to secure your wifi connection? Let us customize a wifi network plan for your home or office today!!

Computer running slow?

As computers age over time their operating systems become bloated with all the updating and patching required to keep programs bug free and secured. If your using a 5 year old computer then maybe you would benefit from a little bit of tidying up.

Wireless Network Upgrade Special! $185.00

Are you in need to a serious wireless network upgrade?  Or do you need a brand new wireless network installed?  You’re in luck!  We are currently running a special on wireless network installs and wireless upgrades.  All networking hardware and labor is one flat price, $185.00.  We will asses your current networking solution and make recommendations and provide you with…

Does your network suck? Let us fix it!

Come on, be honest. Does your network suck? Do you have an old network that is past its prime?  Could you use a complete refresh of your whole system?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then maybe its time for a Network Intervention.  Let SoCalNETworks help get your network streamlined and running smooth.